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How to reach Serbia?

Whether you’re looking for a travel package to relax and indulge, special travels in Serbia with friends and family

Air transportation

Air Serbia, as a national air carrier, carries out schedule and charter flights for passengers, cargo and mail, on domestic and international lines. Numerous foreign airline companies are serving scheduled flights to Belgrade. There are three international airports in Serbia „Nikola Tesla“ in Belgrade, airport „Konstantin the Great“ in Niš and International Airport in Pristina. In addition to regular air traffic and charter flights, in the end of 2009. year, the large number of low-cost companies began to introduce their flights from Belgrade to other European destinations, such as: Fly Niki (link to) from Vienna, Malev from Budapest, German Wings, that will have their flights from Belgrade and from Niš to Bologna a regular line will have airline company Vind Jet.

Road transportation

Foreign tourists who want with motor vehicles to visit our country with well connected roads can visit the whole country. In our country, foreign tourists can enter the following border crossings (all international transitions are open day and night): The border with Hungary, exceeds Bački Breg, Kelebija, Horgoš. From the Romanian border, passes: Serbian Crnja, Vatin, Kaludjerovo, Iron Gate. The border with Bulgaria, exceeds: Mokranje-Negotin, Vrščka cuka-Zajecar, Gradina, Stezimirovci, Ribarci.

The border with Macedonia, to exceed: Preševo, General Janković, Prohor Pčinjski, Globocica. The border with Albania, exceeds: Vrbnica-Prizren, Cafa Prusit, The border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, to exceed: Sremska Rača, Pavlović bridge-Badovinci, Mali Zvornik, Ljubovija, Trbušnica, Bjelovar, Kotroman, Uvac Jamena, -rom the Croatian border, exceeds: Batrovci, Šid, Sot (Principovac), Bogojevo, Neštin.

Railway transportation

Numerous international railways lines link Serbia with all parts of Europe. However, we suggest to use railway transportation only for international transportation. In Serbia, use railways only if you are adventurer. To the destination you’ll get faster and more reliable by hitchhike, by bus or sometimes even on foot.

By bike

Signing of EuroVelo cycle routes

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