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Kezman: I’ve been separated from wife for four years

After recently ending his career and a 15-year roam around European football hunting grounds, Mateja Kezman is back in Belgrade.

No sooner had he trodden back on Serbian soil, then the former striker found himself the target of local tabloids after being caught drink driving and because of his divorce from Emilija, with whom Mateja has three children.

In an interview for Blic, Kezman denies allegations that the reason behind his divorce had been cheating, saying he is still on friendly terms with his ex-wife and that he is now focused on his fledgling football agency, one he set up in order to harness the contacts he has made over the years in the footballing world and help young football talents.

– I think I am a model father and personality, one who knows how to behave courteously. I am positive at least 80 percent of Belgrade natives have at one point in their lives been caught drink driving, but I wasn’t racing around the streets, but I was rather driving at 30 km per hour and when the police pulled me over, I did what they asked of me. I slept over at the precinct and didn’t ask for any privileges. I am aware I made a mistake and I am certain it will never happen to me again, said Mateja.

He believes he has attracted media attention because of his lengthy absence from the country and that he has been separated from his wife for nearly four years, and that the news tabloids broke was nothing new to Mateja’s or Emilija’s families.

– The stories that I cheated on my wife are pure fabrication. I live alone, I am single and don’t have a girlfriend and I am saying all this so I can protect my wife. We have not been romantically involved for over two years, we just grew apart and grew different. We are on excellent friendly terms and hold every respect for each other. We had been together since the age of 16 or 17 and had gone through a lot together, said Mateja.

The renowned former footballer has no issue with tabloids bringing him in connection with singer Marina Tadic and is not bothered by these allegations.
Mateja says his wife and himself have done their utmost to protect their kids from rumours.

– Our children have no contact with the people who get into these kinds of things and they are living their lives just like any other kids. I am beside them as much as I can at this moment, and Emilija is a terrific and dedicated mother, said Kezman.

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