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Our daughter is already speaking Serbian

Victoria’s Secret supermodel Adriana Lima is happy to tell the world her little daughter Valentina, although just shy of the age of two, is already spoken in three languages.

The Brazilian model endorsed a new Victoria’s Secret bra a few days ago in New York and during the occasion she boasted her daughter already knows a bit of Portuguese and Serbian, and that Valentina was also addressing their dog Ivy in English.

Meanwhile, Lima is these days on vacation in Miami together with her family and paparazzi recently caught Adriana, her husband, Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric, and their daughter, biding their time on Miami Beach.

– “I mostly live on the plane. Currently I am over the moon for managing to set aside some time to be with my family in Miami,” said the model.

Asked how he was managing to juggle her modelling career and being with her little daughter, Adriana responded: “The key word in my life is organization. I am never apart from my daughter for more than three days, and sometimes when I travel – like now to New York – I take her with me because it’s just a few hours by plane from Miami to New York.”

– “I am not the kind of person who tends to starve herself to stay slim; I rather train a lot and really do my best to eat healthily. My favourite training programme is boxing and I do it literally every single day,” said Lima, who is now visibly shining and the reason for her happiness is in her family.

The three-member Jaric family are not even trying to hide from the paparazzi, but are rather having fun in the shallow water on the beach and strolling down the sandy beach.

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